Form the origin

Innovation, legacy and the future all starts at the same place, the beginning. Within a single, tiny roe, the precedent of aquaculture is set.

Osland has since 1963 developed and preserved Norway’s oldest trout broodstock, as well as tailoring the optimal growth conditions for fish roe and smolt.

Through 60 years of innovation and gene development, our hallmark roe results in a stock that is efficient to farm, robust and results in the most delcious, high quality fish for the end consumer.

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Where life takes form

The secret of aquaculture lies within the roe, but an egg is not just an egg. The very DNA forms what fish you end up with, whether it grows smootly, becomes strong and tastes great.

Where smolt takes form

For trout, their cultivation and preservation on early stages of life is crucial for later. The raising of the smolt, can create fish that are optimal for any farm.

Where taste takes form

The secret to better tasting fish can be found in the petri dish. Inside the DNA, we can find traits of good swimmers, fast growers, later bloomers and robust fishes.

The DNA along with a happy, stress-free life, grows great taste.


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