Where life takes form

The secret of aquaculture lies within the roe, but an egg is not just an egg.
The very DNA forms what fish you end up with, whether it grows smoothly, becomes strong and tastes great.

Trout roe

Best of breed

There is a targeted breeding work behind the trout roe we offer to our customers. The professional responsible is Nofima.

Today we breed on two strains, the oldest and most proven in the country. You can choose between roe from the Osland strain and the Ilsvaag strain.

The strains have ultimate qualities for a good broodstock:

  • rapid growing
  • late puberty
  • shiny and extremely robust

Our long experience, competence, handling and facilities ensure that our roe is the best of breed.

Strong Genes, Superior Guidance

A Robust Reassurance.
Osland broodstock is a supplier of high quality trout roe. Every day, we create history about the future by taking experience from 60 years into high-tech and targeted development work to create the optimal trout for our clients.

Trout roe

Supreme security standards

  • All eggs are screened for IPN
  • The broodstock is routinely checked for IPN, PD, ISA, BKD
  • We do extra tests at the request of customer
  • QTL IPN can be ordered
  • Cerified according to GLOBAL GAP


Global GAP logo
Global GAP logo

Not all fish are created equal

Osland perfect and preserve two of Norway´s pedigree broodstock trout.

A fish is not a fish. What makes our trout unique, is the continiuos development and innovation of the gene pool, resulting in distinct qualities.

Our two lines are both highly improved for farmed life, it grows robust, shiny and hits maternity slowly; resulting in a finer taste and an easier avoidance og disease. A roe is not simply a roe, it is 60 years of innovation.


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