Where smolt takes form

For trout, their cultivation and preservation on early stages of life is crucial for later.

The raising of the smolt, can create fish that are optimal for any farm.

Strong Genes, Superior Guidance

A Robust Reassurance.
Osland is a supplier of high-quality trout smolt.

Every day, we create history about the future by taking experience from 60 years into high-tech and targeted development work to create the optimal trout for our clients.

Best of breed

There is a targeted breeding work behind the trout roe we offer to our customers. Today we breed on two strains, the oldest and most proven in the country. You can choose between roe from the Osland strain and the Ilsvaag strain.

The strains have ultimate qualities for a good broodstock:

  • rapid growing
  • late maturation
  • silver and robust

Our long experience, competence, handling and facilities ensure that our roe is the best of breed.

Supreme water quality

Our smolt lives in optimal conditions in cold, clear and clean mountain water. Our facility is placed in the middle of the nature below steep Norwegian mountains. Taking the best of nature with us inside. We clean and reuse the water for minimal environmental footprint.

The smolt grows from roe to trout in our on land facilities, making them robust before entering the Fjords.

Form the technology

Every day we work with creating the best environment for our growing smolt. We make sure every part of their journey is perfected for ultimate fish health and supreme quality.

Developing the technology is a continuous work with the goal of making the best of breed.

Supreme safety standards

  • The broodstock is routinely checked for IPN, PD, PRV
  • Certified according to GLOBAL GAP
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