Where taste takes form

The secret to better tasting fish can be found in the petri dish. Inside the DNA, we can find traits of good swimmers, fast growers, later bloomers and robust fishes.

The DNA along with a happy, stress-free life, grows great taste.

Form the Fjords

It is not simply the genes that create a fish. Just like people, good growth comes from a combination between heritage and environment.

We grow our fish in the very best conditions; the crisp, oxygen-filled fjord waters of Sognefjorden.

The fjord matters to us, and we are proud of having the entire value chain, from roe to fish secured locally. This is good for the fish, as well as the local community. Adding jobs, value creation and activates the area.

Form the taste

We work with creating the future; from breed to feed, from roe to a delicious meal somewhere in the world. Osland provides the taste of Sognefjorden.

Supreme safety standards

  • The broodstock is routinely checked for IPN, PD, PRV
  • We do extra tests at the request of customer
  • QTL IPN can be ordered
  • Cerified according to GLOBAL GAP

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Best of breed

There is a targeted breeding work behind the trout we offer to our customers. 

Our long experience, competence, handling and facilities ensure that our trout is the best of breed.


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